How Juni doubled open and click through rates with Hockney Marketing to increase signups


  • Increase signups with conversion copywriting
  • Engage new leads
  • Deepen understanding of customer voice

  • Increase in Welcome Email OR from 20% to 47%
  • Increase in Welcome Email CTR from 1.3% to 6%
  • Increased OR by 5 percentage points on all emails
  • Minimal increase in workloads of Marketing & Customer Engagement teams


Increase conversion from website visit to signup through effective copywriting.


We ran qualitative and quantitative product marketing research pinpointing how to tighten Juni’s signup funnel. Then we combined customer voice, internal strategy, and brand guidelines to craft high converting copy at key points in Juni's customer lifecycle. After launch, we iterated on this sequence with the Juni team making consistent wins toward core KPIs.


Increased open & click-through rates

Welcome Email OR increased from 20% to 47% and Welcome Email CTR increased from 1.3% to 6%, more than doubling the welcome email’s ability to successfully connect with the customer. We increased open rates 5 percentage points on all emails in the sequence and increased click through in parallel.

Tested strategic signup CTAs

Juni tested various signup funnels (phone calls, consultations, and language around them) discovering a call to action (CTA) most likely to engage customers in the emails we created and beyond.

A reliable copywriting resource

Juni benefited from having a single, consistent copywriter across the business with a coherent understanding of internal systems & communication, messaging, and the product itself. This consistent work made it possible to weigh in on their holistic email marketing needs and continue to grow their strategy for converting leads to signups.

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